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Glass bottles with a screw neck for food liquids TU 5987-015-53945143-2015, TU 5987-019-53945143-2015

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The popularity of glass containers is due to the fact that it can be used in any conditions. Glass is durable, resistant to aggressive substances and atmospheric influences, therefore it does not require special storage conditions. It does not change operational characteristics in a large range of high and low temperatures, does not interact with the product packaged in it. The latter ensures that food liquids will retain their taste qualities throughout their storage time.

Our company offers easy-to-use, presentable containers of various shapes and capacities, designed for packing different types of food liquids, which will emphasize the quality of its internal contents.

We present a wide range of glass bottles with a screw neck made of medical container discolored glass with improved quality characteristics:

  • exceptional environmental friendliness and hygiene,
  • thermal resistance of at least 125 ° C,
  • density of 2.48 g/cm3,
  • alkali resistance not more than 85 mg/dm2,
  • the coefficient of linear thermal expansion is 78-82,
    water resistance is less than 0.6 mg Na2O per 1 g of glass.The bottles of our production fully meet the requirements of Russian and international standards (GOST 19808, ISO 9001). They are distinguished by the absence of defects: scuffs, opacities, indelible impurities, foreign inclusions, closed/open bubbles, through-holes.

Our product is characterized by an ideal geometry, due to the fact that it is manufactured on modern equipment, its parameters and dimensions are within strict tolerances for:

  • the coefficient of wall and bottom thickness,
  • capacity,
  • wall undulation,
  • nominal size of diameters and ovality of the body and corolla,
  • verticality of the axis of the bottle relative to the plane of the bottom and neck.
    All products undergo residual stress testing after annealing and internal hydrostatic pressure testing, which guarantees them high strength.
Our company provides delivery of wholesale orders to any region of Russia on convenient and favorable terms for the buyer.
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