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Glass jars for canned food products TU 23.13.11-014-53945143-2017

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Glass jars are the most common type of packaging containers for storing and transporting products. This is due to the fact that glass is an absolutely neutral material: it does not emit any substances or odors, does not absorb the aroma of the packaged product, does not change its taste qualities.

Our company produces a wide range of glass containers for canned products of various shapes, volumes and purposes, which are different:

  • high environmental safety, as the composition of the material includes natural components;
  • impeccable performance characteristics;
  • attractiveness — all products look neat and presentable.
We manufacture cans using modern equipment from medical discolored glass containers in strict accordance with the technical documentation, the requirements of GOST 19808 and the European standard ISO 9001-2014.

Advantages of our products:

  • there are no foreign inclusions on the surface of the cans with holes and cracks around them, chips, open/closed bubbles and dirt indelible with detergents;
  • the glass is characterized by high strength and transparency (without signs of turbidity), heat resistance, water resistance and alkali resistance;
  • the products have the correct geometric shape (the bottom and the neck are parallel to each other within acceptable deviations, the shift of the neck relative to the vertical axis does not exceed the requirements of regulatory documentation);
  • the thickness of the walls and the bottom is uniform over their entire surface.

In our catalog you will find glass jars for tin and screw twist-off lids. Their quality is confirmed by laboratory tests. The products have certificates of compliance with Russian and international standards.

We invite food processing plants to cooperate and purchase and are ready to deliver a wholesale order to any region of Russia in a way convenient for the buyer.
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